You can have the Madow Brothers at your next event!

We guarantee your organization will have the best day they have ever experienced in dentistry!!

Dr. David Madow and Dr. Richard Madow will work with you to provide a fully customized show just for your group or you may select from a variety of topics.

Why not look like a hero? Bring The Madow Brothers to your town!

Some of the things you’ll Learn

  1. How to love dentistry and have fun while increasing production!

  2. Why patients cancel and no-show and what you can do about it!

  3. Non-confrontational ways to increase cosmetic treatment in your practice!

  4. Ten incredible practice builders that take less than ten minutes per day total!

  5. How to handle “shoppers” and insurance driven patients!

  6. A simple way for the entire team to stop running late!

  7. A simple (and free) way to have local newspapers proclaim you the area’s dental expert!

  8. Clinical updates in lasers, digital technology and much more!

  9. The “ALASKA” system for handling every telephone call like an expert!

  10. Avoid the “Deadliest Four Words In Dentistry” being said about you (and they are)!

  11. Energize your entire team and get them to love your practice!

  12. Seven “Almost Free” ways to get and keep new patients!

  13. How any office can achieve 100% treatment plan acceptance!

  14. What to tell your “lab guy” to get perfect crowns almost every time and save a ton of money!

  15. Easy ways to use social media to promote your practice for free!

  16. A simple way to lower your overhead ten percent or more!

  17. Why every office has a “Shield” that prevents new patients from scheduling and how you can get rid of it!

  18. And MUCH MUCH more!

Everyone is Raving about

the Madow Brothers

“Awesome! It was great to attend a seminar where the speakers know about real life dentistry and make it fun!”

- Jay L. White, D.D.S.

“I’ve been in dentistry for 20 years and have never enjoyed a seminar more!”

- Judy Milligan

“Great energy and enthusiasm mixed with tons of information.”

- G. Mason Jones, D.D.S.

“Very enjoyable and fast moving. This is the best seminar we have been to in the last ten years!”

- Barbara Keen, R.D.H.

“Can’t wait to take all of this information and incorporate it into our office. You guys are great!”

- Kimberly Haynes

“This is the first seminar I have ever been to that has incorporated great information and so much FUN!”

- Dr. Matt McCready

Who are the madow brothers?

In 1989, Dr. David Madow and Dr. Richard Madow had a goal of helping their fellow dentists achieve success and happiness in their practices. Their newsletter, The Madow Brothers Monthly, is one of the most popular in the dental profession, and The Madow Brothers Audio Series is the number one distance learning program in dentistry!

But there is nothing like seeing The Madow Brothers live!

Dave and Rich have lectured to standing room only crowds in practically every major city in The United States and Canada.

Known for their hilarious, spontaneous style and content packed programs, The Madow Brothers have taught over ten thousand dentists and team members how to enjoy their careers, super charge their practices, define and create their own personal success, and have more fun than ever before.

The standing ovation they receive every time they speak proves that there is nothing like a Madow Brothers seminar!



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Madow Brothers Live Trailer

Madow Brothers at TBSE

Bohemian Dental Rhapsody

The Audience LOVES the Madow Brothers

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